Big Toy Shuttlecock Feeder Pro – Training Expert

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Products Features:

  • Remote Control. Intelligent full remote control to choose from the different serving modes and ball frequency, speed, height, and direction.
  • Multiple Serving Modes.Vertical and Horizontal Feeding, Cross Feeding, Random Feeding, Fixed Point or Customized Feeding.
  • Suitable for any type of shuttlecocks.  Nylon, feather, and plastic, whatever you use.
  • Electric lifting. With light touch control panel 0-70 highly scalable.
  • DC and AC power supply. It can be used plugged or with its incorporated long-lasting rechargeable battery (up to 4 hours).
  • With 24 months guarantee in pieces.

Product Parameters:

(1)DC:12V or AC 100—240V
(2)Speed: 20-140km/hours
(3)Frequency:  1.2-4.5 seconds
(4)Elevation : -18 degree – 30 degree(by remote)
(5)Horizontal : 33 degree(by remote)
(6)Ball capacity :180-200pcs
(7)Colour :  Black
(8)Electric Lifting : 0-70cm
(9)Weight : 28kg
(10)Volume : 0.3CBM

Price now £2499  £2199

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