Shuttlecock Feeder Professional – Training Expert

Product Description

  • Consists of two shuttlecock cages, two heads, a base and a control tablet
  • Between the two cages, the training expert III can hold up to 400 shuttlecocks. Allowing for intense, long training sessions without the need to stop and reload.
  • Program up to 96 of your own training modes into the system, or use our range of preloaded programs.
  • Store different modes to train different levels of players. From novice to expert.  From young to old.  There is a program that will put all levels of player to the test.
  • Change vertical trajectory from 35 to -16 degrees. Automatically change to any angle to mix up your programs.
  • Adjust speed, frequency, direction and trajectory with ease
  • The two cages and split delivery affords trainers and players a holistic range of shots to deal with, all over the court.
  • Work on random shots at various frequencies, or else repeat the same shot on repeat to perfect your technique.
  • Suitable for all type of shuttlecock. Nylon, feather, plastic. Whatever you use!
  • Don’t have a training partner? The Training Expert III will significantly build your skill levels, fitness, and technique
  • Foldable, easily assembled base. Easy to transport from club to club or court to court.
  • Sits upon 4 wear resistant, durable casters making the system stable and easy to move around.

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Delivery within 3-4 weeks after the deposit is made.